CM, or Christine --as her parents named her, was born in a small town called Hapeville in Georgia but grew up in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida, which was an even smaller town. Her first taste of writing came when she wrote a poem in fifth grade with the help of her father, and she has been writing ever since. As a child, CM loved going shopping with her mother as there was always an opportunity to buy a book. She credits her parents who fostered her love for the written word: "I would jump at the chance to have any kind of book, and my parents were quite willing to buy me something that I wanted to read rather than a toy." 

After graduating from Roosevelt University in Chicago in 2010, CM moved to Seoul, Korea to teach young children her native language. She got involved with ProtoStar Studios to create her first novel of the Legends of Agria series and she is excited for the first installment to be released. 

CM currently resides in Seoul.